Giving thanks after Thanksgiving

David Swan
2 min readDec 27, 2023

December 27, 2023

Atlanta Writers Club hat in Dave’s hands.
A gift in more ways than one

Christmas dawned grey and damp but the temperature at daybreak was 57, about fifty degrees warmer than last year, when my wife and I spent the morning frantically de-icing our pool. This time we stayed warm and cozy inside, cheered by the tree on the kitchen island, all decked out with ornaments and memories from Christmases past.

Table-top Christmas tree and candles.

Our gifts to each other included good books and coffee, a travel guide for a trip we plan to make, and the hat pictured above. There was no bling, nothing lavish, but even seemingly ordinary things make us happy, especially now.

Since my wife broke her foot last June, life has been a series of small steps, both literal and symbolic, coupled with gratitude for each one. We were immensely thankful for the neighbor who helped me get her wheelchair up and down the porch steps. When we were stuck inside, we appreciated her foresight in installing skylights that fill the living room with sun. And after weeks of sleeping in recliners when bruised ribs wouldn’t let her lie flat, our bed never, ever felt quite so good.

At the moment I’m grateful for the Godiva chocolate I just ate and the software that helps me find the obscure music that often pops into my head, like Fred Neil’s original version of “Everybody’s Talkin,” the song Harry Nilsson immortalized in “Midnight Cowboy.” (I told you it was obscure.)

What truly brings joy is writing. Though 2023 dented my sanity, it left me with the desire and on most days, hopefully including this one, the ability and persistence required to put words on the page. I’m not taking a pause after this post.

Hear ye, hear ye, I do solemnly swear that in ye 2024, I shall finish the novel I’ve been hacking at for some time. It’s based on this idea: What if the first “manned” space flight was actually flown by a woman (and not a trans Soviet cosmonaut)? If you’re curious, watch this space RIGHT HERE for news about the book, some new short stories, and of course this blog. Have a wonderful New Year and be glad for all good things and good people (and music).

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