A pandemic diary: My new short story

September 1, 2020

While this blog keeps me busy and helps me cope with the pandemic, I also write fiction. I recently turned out a story called “High Tide,” which is about the virus, beaches, life, and most of all, love. It’s just been published by the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

Dead Mule School logo with drawing of dead mule lying on his back.

Since my stuff has already appeared in another fine regional outlet, the Birmingham Arts Journal, I believe I may now call myself, without fear of contradiction, an official, certified, no-two-ways Southern Writer. Which is good, because the Deadmule folks require a Southern Legitimacy Statement from all contributors (seriously!). Here’s mine.

Though I was born in upstate New York and grew up in Michigan, my Southern leanings began to emerge in college, where I studied blues, jazz, and Faulkner. I’ve now lived for almost twenty years in the South and have earned regional citizenship by virtue of loving and marrying a Southern woman. Of course, they don’t give out green cards to us northern expats. Somewhere I do have a card for a free fried apple pie from the very best barbecue place in Alabama. Will that suffice?

As always, take care and be safe, y’all.

Originally published at http://davesswan.wordpress.com on September 1, 2020.

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David Swan

David Swan

Writer, editor, ex-journalist, all-around communicator. Comfortable in real and fictional worlds. Always on the lookout for a great story.